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Why an online course better than a traditional classroom environment:

  • It’s the 21st century. We now know that students study and learn differently. When taking an online course a student may enhance their learning experience based on their individual preference and experiences. This will enable your teen to study at their own pace, providing them with an experience where they will likely learn and retain more than in a traditional classroom.

The Objective for Our Course:

  • Effectively teach your teen to drive safely and provide them with an introduction to the defensive driving skills that give them their best chance at passing their California Learns Permit Exam. Since our course was written by professional online educators using proven teaching methods, this California Learners Permit course is designed so your teen will learn more, understand the material, and retain the driving techniques better.

Basic Tips for Parents:

  • Your teen is likely more nervous that you are in regards to them sitting behind the wheel. A loud voice yelling, “STOP” can be distracting to a new driver, even an experienced one. Keeping a calm conversation going about the drive is a positive thing to do while your teen learns to drive and navigate the roads.
  • Try to be consistent in your instruction – remaining consistent provides structure and something solid your teen can count on.
  • Please don’t criticize your teen – It’s difficult to learn when being critiqued, but praise and positive affirmation is an excellent way to help your teen remain calm and confident behind the wheel. Focus on the good things your teen did while out on a drive, then calmly mention the areas they can improve.