Locally Owned and Operated

It’s a huge advantage to use a locally owned Driving School for both the class and Behind The Wheel Training. Our Instructors know the area so well we’re able to keep the Students safe while teaching them the Rules Of The Road and making them Defensive Drivers for the future.

Owner History

Shafter High Graduate

CSUB Graduate – Business Degree

Been in Traffic Safety Education since 1998

Latest In Vehicle Safety

To keep our Students we drive a 2015 Toyota Corolla and a 2013 Toyota Prius.

– Back Up Camera

– Side Impact Airbags

– Equipped with Instructor Brake

Fun & Interactive

We have designed our course to be fun and interactive so you learn the tools to be a safe driver.

– Live Streaming Video Tutorials

– Easy to Take & Pass Exams

– Start & Stop Our Course To Fit Your Busy Schedule